0.5M (1′ 7-11/16″) LONG 10mm (3/8″) Dia. Threaded Rod w/Dome End (*Stainless Steel)


Right Handed M6 Threaded Rod at One End – Other End Dome Shaped.

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Frequently Bought Together with:

TOP/CEILING FIXING for 10mm (3/8") Dia. Rods – Screw Fit (*Use with 10mm Stainless Rod System)

Includes Fixing for Threaded Rod and Mounting Plug. Use with Optional Base Supports in 25mm, 38mm or 50mm diameters.

VERTICAL SUPPORT SINGLE – For panels up to 7mm (1/4") thick. (*Use with 10mm Stainless Rod System)

Ideal for supporting acrylic pockets, signs and graphic panels from sides

VERTICAL SUPPORT DOUBLE – For panels up to 7mm (1/4") thick. (*Use with 10mm Stainless Rod System)

Ideal for supporting acrylic pockets, signs and graphic panels from sides

1.0M (3' 3-3/8") LONG 10mm (3/8") Dia. Threaded Rod (*Stainless Steel)

Right Handed M6 Threaded Rod at Both Ends

Product Description

0.5M (1′ 7-11/16″) Long 10mm (3/8″) Diameter Threaded Rod / Dome Shape End (#303 Stainless Steel)

Stainless Steel Right Handed M6 Threaded Rod at one end, other end dome shaped.


Rod Diameter


Rod Length



Mounting Options




Allen Wrench Size


Specifications for RD10-0.5M-R


Composition and Materials:

For durability, all rod display fittings, internal components, and screws are made from #SS303 stainless steel alloy. Grub screws used with support fittings have a plastic tip made of Nylon 6-6. The SS303 is a non-magnetic austenitic alloy specially designed for improved machinability while maintaining good mechanical and corrosion resistant properties. It is fairly resistant to general atmospheric corrosion, cleaning solutions, sterilizing solutions, dyestuffs, most organic chemicals, but has very limited resistance to acids.


Natural Stainless Steel Finish—machined polished for a satin/semi-gloss texture. High-gloss polished stainless steel or other finishes are also available upon request. Lead times will be longer and a minimum quantity may be required.

Product Limitations:

For indoor and outdoor use. Our stainless steel rod system and fittings perform well in both closed and open environments as long as there are not exposed to direct corrosive elements such as marine or submerged saltwater uses. For marine or other high humidity environments, please request stainless steel type 304/316 rods that have higher corrosion resistance. Follow the instructions and weight-bearing limitations indicated on the technical datasheets.


Rod fittings are designed and manufactured to rigid standards of quality with a 12-month guarantee on all metal components.



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