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Reseller Partner Program

There are several good reasons why so many sign companies, cabinet makers, printers, designers, and architects use and sell our products. Below are just a few of the many benefits of becoming a reseller of our products.

  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY — We use only high-grade aluminum, brass and stainless steel (with quality finishes such as clear or satin anodized, chrome or nickel plated, or brushed satin or polished stainless).
  • AFFORDABILITY — We offer our products inexpensively, so you can certainly have a profit of your own.
  • UNMATCHED VARIETY — We supply a great selection of display system applications in various configurations, sizes, and finishes to accommodate all your project needs.
  • LARGE INVENTORY — We stock thousands of items ready to ship within 1-2 days.
  • CUSTOMIZATIONS — We specialize in custom fabrication and have the ability to create a wide variety of top-quality precision made fittings, acrylic components, and accessories.

How to Become a Reseller...

  • CREATE AN ONLINE ACCOUNT — Go to https://www.novadisplaysystems.com/customer-support-pages/my-account/ and create a new account in your company name and get access to a wide range of resources to help support your ordering process.
  • REQUEST TO BECOME A RESELLER — Fill out the form below and provide your newly created online account number / user ID and email address.
  • REVIEW AND APPROVAL PROCEDURE — We will review all Reseller Registration Applications and notify the applicant within 3-4 business days from the time of submission:
    • Approved: If Nova Display Systems approves the registration, it is valid for twelve (12) months period. Your “Reseller Registration Period” will be validated and renewed upon the end of each period. At the end of the Reseller Registration Period or an extension, if the purchase volume has not met the “minimum requirements”, the Reseller-Partner Registration will expire.
    • Pending: Occasionally, Nova Display Systems may need more information or time to review an application. In that case you may be contacted via phone or email and ask to provide additional information.
    • Rejected: If Nova Display Systems rejects an attempted Reseller-Partner Registration, we will provide the reason for the rejection as part of its notice.
  • NOTIFICATIONS — We will assign an introductory discount rate to your online profile and notify you via email as soon as your online account is ready to accept wholesale orders. In order to remain eligible for your Resale Discount, all Resellers agree to comply with the “Reseller Discount Requirements”. You will be able to see the Reseller Discount Requirements after your application is submitted.
  • MAKE YOUR WHOLESALE PURCHASE — Upon receiving the approval notice you may log into your account to place your first wholesale order for products and items listed in any of these categories: display systems, components, fittings, hardware, display kits, and accessories. Go to My Account and start saving.

Reseller Registration Form...


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