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For your convenience you can download Technical Data Sheets by clicking on the links bellow. Data Sheets are available in Acrobat Reader Format (PDF). If you should require assistance and/or do not see the specifications you need, please contact us.

Cable Systems / Introduction
1.5mm Cable System / Specifications
2.0mm Cable System / Specifications
3.0mm Cable System / Specifications
Rod Systems / Introduction
3.0mm Rod System / Specifications
6.0mm Rod System / Specifications
10mm Rod System / Specifications
Cable & Rod Lighting / Introduction
Cable & Rod Lighting / Specifications
Aluminum Decorative Screw Cap Supports
Aluminum Edge Grip Supports
Aluminum Projecting Supports
Aluminum Rod Support System for Signage
Aluminum Sign & Panel Supports
Brass Decorative Screw Cap Supports
Brass Edge Grip Supports
Brass Projecting Supports
Premium Quality Brass Sign Supports
Security Locking Standoffs
Solid Brass Standoffs
Stainless Steel Standoffs

Flexi-Frame Display Stands

Free-Style Display Stands

Info-Post Display Units

Kiosks & Screen Display Units

Spanning Floor to Ceiling Stands

Stack-on Display Stands

Totem Display Stands

Versa-Module Display Stands


You can download our Online Catalog, Specifications, and Price Lists by following the links bellow:

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If you need to download and install a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer go to following link:

[ www.adobe.com ]

Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) files can be opened across a broad range of hardware and software and it will look exactly as intended with layout, fonts, links, and images intact.


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