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Choose from a variety of bundled products such as poster holders, literature dispensers, acrylic sandwich panels, acrylic shelves, sign blanks and many other ready-to-use display kits and components to save time and money!

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Acrylic Poster Frame Kits

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Easy Access Poster Display Kits

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Hook-on Poster Display Kits

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Acrylic Brochure Display Kits

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Acrylic Shelf Display Kits

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Welcome to Nova Display Systems Online Store

There are few simple ways to browse and shop for display products on our web store. You may select from individual components to build your own display configuration such as cable/rod suspension fixings, aluminum profiles, rails, sign/panel supports and other related hardware in the “Display Systems & Accessories” category. You may choose from a variety of standard display kits in the “Display Solutions & Ideas” category or check our discounted product bundles in the “Product Bundles” category. You may also browse our new category “Wall Display Ideas” for turnkey display solutions. For assistance with estimation and item specification for a specific design or a custom project, please send us elevations, plans and other relevant details using our Information / Quote Request Form

Why Nova Display Systems?There are several good reasons why so many clients love our display products. Here are just a few of them and many other benefits our customer receive when buying our products and services…

Simple high-end display solutions to create practical, affordable, and easy-to-use info/poster displays, product displays, donor/recognition displays, historical timelines, and much more. Use these ready wall display kits to create stylish interior displays for all types of information that can be changed in just a few minutes.

Our newly introduced Cable/Rod Display Systems are exclusively made of stainless steel and are intended for use in both indoor and outdoor installations. These are attractive and highly functional hanging display systems that are capable of effectively supporting sizeable loads and can be used for various display applications or for any architectural/decorative suspension needs. The stainless steel cable/rod systems are great for mounting graphic display panels, poster frames, clothes hanging rails, signage, and more. Extensive range of components and accessories ensure complete design flexibility, enabling you to create an instant presentation by suspending glass shelves, showcases, cabinets, logo/graphic panels, banners, and garments.

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