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DC2500 Large Poster Wall Display Concept

DC2500 Large Poster Wall Display / Wall Display Idea Concept





Large Poster Wall Display – incorporates large format frameless acrylic poster frames mounted to wall with 1” diameter standoff supports and easy access acrylic holders for info/poster inserts suspended onto wall-to-wall cable display system. It is an easy-to-use display system which allows you to create stylish interior displays for all types of information that can be changed in just a few minutes. Display comes with cable suspension hardware and standoff components made of brass with satin chrome finish, and non-glare (non-reflective) acrylic holders and frame panels.

Size Requirements:

Overall Display Size: 118″W x 72″H
Wall Size: 12 ft (144 in) Wide

Component List:

  • 18AFF-1117L/NG – Non-Glare Easy Access Acrylic Holder (10 ea)
    Insert Size: 17″W x 11″H
  • 14ASP-4556/H/D6 – Clear Acrylic Back Panel (2 ea)
  • 18ASP-4556NG/H/D6 – Non-Glare Acrylic Front Panel (2 ea)
    Frame Size: 56″W x 42″H, Insert Size: 52″W x 38″H
  • CWW – Cable Suspension Kit / Wall-to-Wall (4 ea)
  • CG01 – Vertical Panel Support (40 ea)
  • WM15 – 1″ Dia. Standoff Support (12 ea)
  • P75-TWL – Twist-n-Lock Drywall Anchor Set (20 ea)

Key Features:

  • Attractive, modern appearance. Ideal for displaying information and and large format posters/graphics on interior walls.
  • Highlights simplicity and originality.
  • Provides a quick and easy way to change information.
  • The display equipment has an upscale look and can be re-configured or easily customized.
  • Works with standard prints or paper posters up to 135 gsm or 1 mm (1/32′′) thickness.
  • Non-reflective acrylic front used to reduce the glare from sunny windows and spot lighting.
  • Customizable to your needs at no extra cost.

Availability & Customizations:

  • Fabrication Time: 5-7 Bus. Days
  • For help with a new design please send us a project scope statement or detailed description with expected time-line using our Quote Request Form


  • Graphic Inserts Printing
    Order high-resolution photographic quality prints to come with your newly purchased display. Inserts are printed onto 9mil satin polyester film and trimmed to sizes specified in each display kit description. To order your prints go to “Printing Services” page and select your print type, size and quantity and add to cart. Use the same page to upload and submit your print files.
  • Raised Letters / Logo Signage
    Order dimensional / raised letters or logos to come with your newly purchased display. Letters are manufactured out of 1/4” thick acrylic and supplied in white or black acrylic with matte (satin) finish face and double-sided tape on the back for wall mounting. To order raised letters go to “Laser-Cut Acrylic Letters” store page and select a font style, letter size, finish, and submit your graphic file. For custom font styles and logos send your vector files to receive an estimate using our “Quote Request Form“.
  • Graphic Pre-placement
    Prints will be placed inside the acrylic sandwich frames before Packing & Shipping – mounted in between the two pieces of acrylic and fixed in place with low-tack (3MTM 9415PC Removable Repositionable) double sided adhesive tape. If you require this option please request an estimate using our “Quote Request Form“.
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