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Quantity Discounts on Individual Items or Components ...

Save additional 5-15% on all items when you purchase in bulk. Quantity discounts are computed automatically when you purchase items through our "Online Store / Shopping Cart". Available on a "per-transaction" basis only. Table below lists the requirements.
  Item Quantity per Purchase (Units)   Discount Rate (%)
1-100 List Price
101-200 5% off List Price
201-250 10% off List Price
250 or more 15% off List Price

*Discount limits may apply to some of the items or products, as well as to certain categories of customers that already have a specific discount level assigned to their account. Please call 800-573-9688 for details or feel free to e-mail us your inquiry.


Clearance / Overstock Deals ...

Clearance / Overstock Deals ...

February 2015 - Ongoing. Save up to 70% off on Clearance & Overstock Items. To check the availability and pricing go to our dedicated "Clearance & Overstock Deals" page. Note: the overstock discount items are available for purchase by phone only. Availability and discounted prices are subject to change without prior notice.

New Customer Special Offer ...

May 2015 - Ongoing. Promotion for New Customers - save additional 10% on all our products. This offer is available for new customers only: per one person, company, or organization. Can only be used per one purchase, not multiple purchases on a single day or add-ons for a project ordered later. Note coupon code ND25964-NCO when placing your order by phone or fax.

 ***Please note that the use of coupons remains limited to one per transaction. They cannot be used together or in conjunction with any other manufacturer coupons, discounts, or limited offers.














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