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Premium Quality Brass Sign Supports (3-Part Standoff with M4/M8 Studs) – These are the best, premium quality sign supports available on the market. They feature a three part fitting for easy installation and durability ...
• Available as 16mm (5/8") and 25mm (1") diameter Standoff Sets.
• Stud-Cap Specs: M4 x 0.7 (on 5/8" Dia.) and M8 x 1.0 (on 1" Dia.)
• Length of spacers/barrels vary from 12.5mm (1/2") to 75mm (3").
• Use with substrates up to 3/4" thick (*Vary per item).
• Machined using high-grade brass then plated in Satin Chrome for a beautiful and long lasting appearance.
• Large fittings incorporate a 6mm Front Lip designed to make installation of larger panels simple – panels can be rested on the lip during installation.

Accessories for Brass Sign Supports – Enhance the appearance of your signs with an infinite variety of display mounting options. Various accessories are available to help you solve any of your sign installation challenges: 6mm and 10mm Rod Wall Supports; Decorative Sandwich Screw Caps; Adjustable Edge Grip Supports; Support Joiners for extending the large supports or create a double depth sign or panel; Four-Way-Spacers to allow multiple panels to be butted together using just one fitting centrally instead of four; and Plastic Washers/Spacers to enable a sign or panel be mounted without the need to drill holes ...

Budget Value Aluminum Sign Supports and Deco Caps – We are now providing a new range of inexpensive sign support products made of quality machined aluminum at a fraction of cost of the brass. These sign supports are economically priced in order to help you meet stringent budget requirements on your critical sign and display projects ...
• Available as 16mm (5/8") and 25mm (1") diameter Wall Plug & Deco Cap Sets and 12.5mm (1/2") and 16mm (5/8") diameter Standoff Sets with 20mm (3/4") long bases.
• Stud-Cap Specs: M10 x 1.0
• Machined using high-grade aluminum with quality Satin Anodized finish.

Modular Aluminum Sign Supports (3-Part Standoff with M6 Studs) – Durable, high quality aluminum standoff supports designed for interior and exterior use. Ideal for mounting of signs, architectural plaques, glass panels, photographic frames, artwork, etc ...
• Diameter ranges from 16mm (5/8") to 25mm (1").
• Stud-Cap Specs: M6 x 1.0 (*Screw cap also fits the brass coupling anchor).
• Length of spacers/barrels vary from 20mm (3/4") to 38mm (1-1/2").
• Use with substrates up to 1/2" thick (*Vary per item).
• Machined using high-grade aluminum with quality Satin Anodized finish.
• Set includes: Standoff Barrel, Flat or Rounded Screw Cap and Coupling Anchor.

Modular Aluminum Sign Supports by Components – Build your own sign standoff support set from standard components such as Standoff Spacers/Barrels, Wall Anchors, Stud Anchors/Joiners, Toggles, and Front Screw Caps available in a variety of styles. Configurable in various sizes and designs, these supports are versatile and designed to meet each customizable needs. You may select parts and create standoff sets with standard anchors or upgrade to flush or conical style anchors based on appearance or weight requirements ...




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