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Home Display Systems Floor Stand Systems


Versa-Module Display Stands
A compact, lightweight floor display stand that supports individual acrylic pockets designed to display various size documents, prints, posters, photos, brochures, signage, and much more...
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Totem Display Stands
We have designed our totem displays to be adaptable and easy to customize. Models include a pair of 10mm diameter solid stainless steel rods, a steel base, and various interchangeable acrylic accessories...
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Stack-on Display Stands
Stack-on stands are a new innovative display product with an elegant, slim look and outstanding functionality. The aluminum stands are lightweight, highly customizable, and take up the least amount of storage space...
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Info-Post Display Stands
Create an instant presentation to display signs, posters, leaflets and banners. Units can be positioned exactly where required and moved whenever necessary. All information can be easy and quick changed...
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Flexi-Frame Display Stands
The most versatile and flexible display. Suitable for a wide variety of interior design applications that hold prints, posters, graphics, literature, and much more. All frames are lightweight satin silver aluminum and can be linked together to form multi-sectional units...
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Freestyle Display Stands
Freestyle is a new range of freestanding display units. They are designed to be positioned in window or used as an internal poster, literature or product display stand. Acrylic pockets, leaflets, shelving, graphic panels, and signage can be affixed onto the cables...
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Spanning Floor to Ceiling Stands
A durable and well designed modular system that can be used as stand alone graphic stands/dividers or in wall perimeter configurations - perimeter display stands that spans floor to ceiling or mounted on walls...
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Kiosk & Screen Style Stands
This cost effective system is constructed from special designed aluminum extrusions that allows the use of three or more panels to create an either portable, or permanent kiosk or screen style display...
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Versatility & Quick Assembly - Floor-standing displays are available with a wide range of accessories. They can be reconfigured to display signs, large format graphics, flat or sloping shelves, leaflet dispensers, banner displays, and much more. Its speed and easy assembly helps to minimize the time and installation costs.
Cable/Rod Integration - The suspended cables within the unit allow you total flexibility in designing a display that suits your needs. Cables are quick and easy to install and can simply be changed to meet new requirements.
Functionality - Floor-standing display units enable you to create new, fresh and exciting displays to attract your customers. Units are perfect display solutions for retail outlets, concessions, banks, museums, exhibitions, airports, receptions, offices, showrooms, etc.
Reclaim & Recycle - With close to 100% recyclable content, the aluminum can be repeatedly recycled back into similar or other products with no loss of quality.
Affordability - Just one unit or a hundred, you can have exactly the size or custom configuration that will suit your best requirement.






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