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Home Display Systems Sign & Panel Support Systems Edge Grip Supports for Signs & Panels


Brass Edge Grip Supports - Ideal for applications that require interchangeable flexibility. They are great for mounting identification and directional signage, corporate displays and donor recognition wall plaques in lobbies, reception areas, offices, showrooms, exhibits, museums, etc. The edge grips don't require drilling holes into substrates. They allow the panel to be gripped from sides or top and bottom, and are available for panels up to 10mm (3/8") thick. Exclusive use of brass, plated to a satin finish make them aesthetically pleasing, and timeless...

Aluminum Edge Grip Supports - Stylish and functional, Edge Grips are an excellent alternative solution for mounting acrylic or glass framed artwork, posters, mirrors, or any other decor application. You do not need to drill a hole in your artwork or material to use this mounting product. Aluminum Edge Grips have a clear satin anodized finish that captures attention, and brings style to your space. Available to hold material from 5/32" to 1/2" thick with fixed or adjustable components...

Stainless Steel Edge Grip Standoff Supports - Designed to hold glass, acrylic, stock plastic, wood, metal and other panels to surfaces without the need to drill the panels. They require mounting of signage or display panels from top-bottom, or side-bottom fashion. Stainless Steel Edge Grips have a brushed satin finish. They are adjustable and can hold material from 1/8" to 3/8" thick...











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