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Low-voltage Display Lighting ...

Now, after you have chosen the style and configuration of your display system, it is time to select the most suitable lighting solution for it. Lighting will help to highlight featured areas and enhance the overall effect of your presentation. We recommend some perfectly designed, low voltage lighting systems that can be directly integrated into your displays. Economic, powerful, with a sleek appearance, they are ideal for use in showrooms, galleries, exhibits, trade show booths, and offices. All fixtures are easy to install, the modular connectivity makes it simple and easy to integrate into cable/rod or modular display systems, or retrofit them inside customized showcases and displays.

Cable/Rod Display Lighting

Cable/Rod low-voltage lighting are available in various configurations: Straight/Offset Lights - ideal for lighting shelving and poster presentations; Wire Lights - elegant, cost-effective way to illuminate any display supported on cables or rods...
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Track Lighting

A modular low-voltage track system that uses miniature spotlights to provide the ultimate flexibility in lighting design. The track can be joined together using the fixed or flexible couplers. Line voltage track heads are offered in a variety of styles...
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Aluminum Extrusions for LED Light Strips

We provide a selection of high-quality aluminum extrusions for LED strip/ribbons light applications. Suitable for under cabinet, accent lighting, cove, step lighting, or interior delineation...
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Linear / Cabinet LED Lighting

The linear LED lights are ideal for lighting when space is limited or heat and UV sensitive merchandise needs to be illuminated. Perfect for under cabinet, cove, accent lighting, step lighting, or interior delineation...
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Decorative Spot LED Lighting

Stylish, powerful LED spot light fixtures, available in flexible, straight arm styles, or with adjustable telescoping rods. Perfect for displays, cabinets and showcases. Benefits of LED's are reduced power consumption, less heat, and long life...
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Quick-Jack LED Display Lighting
Designed to provide the ultimate flexibility, the Quick-Jack product line offers the latest advancements in lighting performance, energy efficiency, and style. They are available in single or dual head styles, each with 3 or 3 x 1.2 watt Hi-Powered LED's...
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Recessed LED Lighting

With a stylish trim and high power LED, recessed architectural downlights are available as fixed, baffle or swivel style fixtures. Recessed downlights are ideal for general or ambient lighting, discreetly providing comfortable and glare-free lighting...
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Exhibit Lighting / Clamp-on Arm Lights

We offer a wide assortment of lighting solutions that will enhance any trade show booth or display kiosk. Available as line voltage or low-voltage display lights with telescoping or flexible clip-on arms...
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