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Ready to Go Display Kits ...

To make your display choices easier we put together a comprehensive range of display kits. These are simple, inexpensive, and elegant solutions for displaying various size posters, prints, photos, gifts, accessories, merchandise, and more. Kits can also incorporate shelving, leaflet dispensers, showcases, partitions, signage, logo panels, and even fabric banners. Some of the kits can be integrated with low-voltage lighting to increase the visual impact of your product.

Cable Easy Access Poster/Info Displays
A quick and easy way to create high impact poster displays. They are simple, inexpensive, flexible, and elegant. Layout possibilities are single or double sided, portrait or landscape, double or triple width, with option of top or side loading...
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Frameless Poster/Graphic Displays

Frameless graphic panels are designed for displaying posters, prints, photos or fine art reproductions by "sandwiching" them between two pieces of acrylic or glass...
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Cable/Rod Suspended Literature Displays

Available in many new styles and sizes, from standard prefabricated items to custom fabricated dispensers, all manufactured from exceptional quality, clear, lightweight acrylic. Ideal for displaying catalogs, magazines...
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Cable/Rod Decorative Shelving

A distinctive and well designed shelving system, made exclusively from glass or acrylic, in combination with various quality-finish metal fittings...
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Cable/Rod Suspended Product Shelving

Available in a variety of styles and colors, the glass highlights the simplicity and originality of your display. It will fit perfectly into any design scheme, allowing the best product visibility...
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Cable/Rod Suspended Showcase Displays

Choose from either custom fabricated or prefabricated showcase displays, counters, cabinets, wall units, shelves & racks, cubes, and other specialty displays, and display fixtures...
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Framed Presentations

Wood or acrylic picture frames add a touch of class to your display. Slide images in/out from the top quickly and easily. Ideal as double sided displays suspended on cables or rod...
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Freestanding Displays

Frames are made of aluminum profiles with a slot to take the cables or rods fitted with a quick fit toggle, allowing them to hold graphic displays, signage, leaflet dispensers, flat and sloping shelves and much more...
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Interior Signage

Create high impact signs by using quality fittings. Applying various manufacturing techniques and finishes we can create an unique sign solution to fit in your specific office environment...
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Office Directories

Solve your installation challenges with our directory support system. Offering many different methods of fixing, they have been created to meet your every design and environmental demand...
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Custom Logo Panels & Plaques

Dimensional letters and graphics are ideal for high quality signage applications and identification. They can be manufactured in various sizes and depths, in various finishes and colors...
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Banner Presentations

With its slim, sleek design, you can create a professionally finished banner presentation using our high-quality cable/rod suspension fittings. These systems are easy to assemble and adapt as your needs change...
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