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Popular, snap-open / snap-close plastic graphic holder. No special graphic treatment is required, saving your time and money. This sign holder gives your signage an attractive finish at an affordable price...
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Combines the stability and upscale appearance of aluminum with the quick-change features of Gotcha sign holder. Assemble it once and you never have to take it apart to change graphics...
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AnoGotcha Plus
Similar to AnoGotcha but with a wider, more substantial profile. The tall profile fully covers the Gotcha sign holder, giving your graphics a bolder look, to complement your larger promotional graphics...
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Durable, satin aluminum graphic holder for a variety of substrates. Its sturdy, lightweight profile is ideal for thicker substrates such as foam-board. Sturdy enough for permanent or semi-permanent applications...
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An elegant solution at an affordable price. Enhance the look of any retail signage display with our economical sign holder, which combines an upscale appearance with an affordable price. Ideal for thinner substrates...
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EasyUp Magnetic
The easiest way to hang your graphics from the ceiling without a ladder. High power neodymium magnets provide exceptional strength. Simply slide graphic into the holder for a secure grip...
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Quality & Value - Made of lightweight aluminum profiles. Available in round or square profiles, clear or black anodized aluminum. Durable and reusable to save money.
Easy to use - Just snap open and close or slide out sideways to change signage, graphics or banners. One time assembly, no disassembly needed.
Unlimited Substrates - Holds virtually any substrate, from thin and light to thick and heavy.
Always cut to exact specifications - All graphic holders are cut to order, so you will always get exactly the sizes you need. Dozens of compatible accessories enable you to mount display graphics anywhere.






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