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Nova Display Systems - Tips for Artwork Preparation

Guidelines & Tips for Artwork Preparation ...

We can print images from any format, including .AI, .EPS, .PSD, .PDF, .TIF, .JPG, .PNG and .GIF, however please be aware that printing small images at a large size can cause quality issues. In order to receive the best quality output in large-format printing please send us your files in vector-based format. This will generally be an original design file such as an .EPS, .AI, or ready to print .PDF files saved out of the original design program. Vector files maintain high-resolution quality at any size, regardless the size of the final output. If your files include Bitmap/Raster Images or Photos, we recommend locating the largest-size file with the best-resolution you can find – Resolution MUST be at finished size 150 dpi or greater.
Adobe Illustrator (AI / EPS) – All text in Illustrator files should be outlined. Select (highlight) the text, then from the File Menu choose Type/Create Outlines. If the text is not outlined, all exact fonts must be provided. Postscript fonts must include both screen and printer font files. We can only work with MAC format fonts. We can accept Illustrator files created on a Windows platform only if the files are saved in .EPS format and if absolutely all fonts are outlined. Files should be saved in CMYK. PLEASE DO NOT EMBED RASTER IMAGES in Illustrator layouts. Embedded images cannot be color adjusted, or brightened. Also, gradients and blends over a distance greater than about 12 inches tend to band in large format printing. The way to avoid this is to rasterize the gradient, which means that Illustrator is not the best program for creating large-format layouts that have gradients; that type of design is better done in Photoshop. AVOID LINKING RASTER IMAGES. If your layout has numerous photos or other raster images, consider creating the whole layout in Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop (PSD) – For best quality save your files as .TIFF format. Photoshop files (layered) are acceptable as long as all fonts and vectors have been rasterized at full size. We can print from either CMYK or RGB image files. However, we recommend supplying CMYK files for optimal output. If the file is not too big, it is helpful for us to receive it with separate layers as created in .PSD (photoshop document) format. The reason for this is that one element might print perfectly in tests, while another needs correcting. Flattened .TIFF files are also fine. We can normally correct colors in specific color ranges or areas if needed. We generally run test prints to make sure that the colors we print are as close as possible to the colors you expect to see. We also want to make sure that photographic color is appropriate and appealing.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) – We can accept .PDF files when they have been save in the proper format. All images should have a minimum 150 dpi resolution at print size, otherwise the image will look fuzzy and/or pixilated. As .PDF files are difficult or impossible to edit and correct if needed, we prefer to receive files in vector format with all fonts converted to curves. It is important to send any guidelines or print samples for approximate color matching. Desired colors are usually specified in Pantone. Pantone specifications allow us to match colors closest. Please note that exact color matches are not always possible.

NOTE: To avoid banding in filled areas of black, define black as follows: C=35 M=35 Y=35 K=100 (never define text as 4-color black unless is more than 24 points). Pantone colors should always be PMS Coated numbers.

Nova Display Systems - Software Compatibility

Software Compatibility ...

Macintosh (MAC) Software:
• Adobe Illustrator CS6, CS5, CS4
• Adobe Photoshop CS6, CS5, CS4
• Adobe Acrobat PDF
• Adobe In-Design CS6, CS5, CS4 (* limitations and restrictions may apply / please call)
• Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for MAC (* limitations and restrictions may apply / please call)

Windows (WIN) Software:
• Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS2, CS
• Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS2, CS
• Adobe Acrobat PDF
• CorelDraw X3 (* limitations and restrictions may apply / please call)

Nova Display Systems - File Compression

File Compression ...

If you're sending project files to us via email or FTP, you may need a compression utility software to make your files smaller. We recommend using StuffIt Expander or WinZip. Files compression is sometimes problematic. Remember, files (such as vector or strictly text and layout files) that are not raster (photos) and that don't contain photos don't really need compression. We can generally open files that have been compressed, but we can't guarantee that it will work well every time.

Nova Display Systems - File Formats We Do Not Accept

File Formats We Do Not Accept ...

InDesign, Freehand and QuarkXpress files should be converted to one of the above accepted formats.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Document Files, MS Power Point, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Paint or MS Publisher.

Nova Display Systems - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Modular Display Floor-Stands - durable and well designed modular stands for all types of information. Units can be designed and fabricated to your individual requirements

Modular Display Floor-Stands - durable and well designed modular stands for all types of information. Units can be designed and fabricated to your individual requirements...

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