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Nova Display Systems - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions ...

What file types do you accept?
If you are submitting your own print ready files, we can accept native files from the following MAC or WIN based programs:
• Adobe Photoshop (.psd or .tif)
• Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps)
• Adobe InDesign (.indd) (* limitations and restrictions may apply / please call)
• Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
• Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) (* limitations and restrictions may apply / please call)
• Corel Draw (.cdr)

Is the quality of my image or file good enough for printing?
When uploading an image or photo, remember that the higher the quality of the image, the better it is going to look when printed. We recommend a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). Images that are less than 300 dpi may look blurry or pixelated. We review all files before production and will let you know via a low-resolution proof email if there are any issues.

What are RGB and CMYK color modes?
Most graphic software programs give you the choice to work in either RGB or CMYK color mode. Scanners and digital cameras create images and computer monitors display images using combinations of just three colors: Red, Green and Blue (RGB). These are the primary colors of light, which computer monitors use to display images on your screen. Digital Printing Equipment prints full color images using primary colors of pigment: Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black (CMYK or CMYK+LcLm). We can print from either CMYK or RGB image files. However, we recommend supplying CMYK files for optimal output. Also, to avoid banding in filled areas of black, define black as follows: C=35 M=35 Y=35 K=100 (never define text as 4-color black unless is more than 24 points)

How do I send a digital file for printing?
Files are expected to be ready to print. The prices on this site are based on printing from computer-prepared graphics that are ready to print. Design and editing is $60 per hour. Send/upload your files directly through our FTP (File Transfer Interface) or via YouSendIt!. Then you must alert us to look for it, because we don’t check our ftp site, unless we expect a customer’s file to be there.

Can you make a correction to my job after I have submitted files?
Our pre-press operators cannot be responsible for making any alterations/changes to the files submitted for printing. After we have emailed you proof and you determine that you need to submit new files you can do so by contacting us via email or phone at 800-753-9631. Due to the time it takes to prepare and rip your graphic files, a $35 fee will be assessed each time you submit new artwork and this fee must be paid prior to sending you a new proof. If you need to submit new files because the original files were corrupt you will not be charged.

How long do you keep my graphic files? How do I place a reorder?
We save your original format type graphic files on our servers for approximately six months and the print ready created PDF files for approximately two years from the date of the original order. To reorder, you will need to email or call us with your Original Order Number. Please note that your reorder must be an exact reprint as we cannot make any changes to your files.

I saw my proof and I want to change it. How can I do this?
When viewing your proof select the option “Not OK - Need to submit new files for a new proof”. You will then be sent a link to upload your new files. You can also select "Not OK - Proof Incorrect - Comments Below". We will make the changes requested and create a new proof for your review and approval within the current business day.

What is your turnaround time, or how soon can I receive my sign?
Delivery turnaround includes time for both production and shipping. Our standard production time is 3-5 business days after proof approval depending on the size of your order. UPS Ground is usually about 1-5 business days within the continental United States depending on your location.

How do I get my tracking numbers?
On the day that your order ships from our facility, tracking numbers will be sent to the same email address that was used to place your order. These numbers can be used to track, locate and verify arrival of your order, as well as other details. To aid with the electronic delivery of your tracking numbers, please be sure to include your email address on the time of ordering.

How large can my graphic be?
We can print large format digital graphics up to 54" wide by whatever length. While our equipment is capable of output up to 54" widths, please be aware that not all materials are available in this width. Please call us for more details at 800-753-9631.

Does Nova Display offer a "Quality Assurance"?
At Nova Display, we strive for excellence and we take pride in both, quality of our product and our work. In fact, a tremendous amount of our work is generated from favorable customer recommendations. Read our "100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy" and "Terms & Conditions".

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Graphic Holders & Poster Frames - attractive, versatile, and easy-to-use poster frames and graphic holders made of lightweight aluminum and PVC profiles. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes to hold various substrates, from thin and light to thick and heavy

Graphic Holders & Poster Frames - attractive, versatile, and easy-to-use poster frames and graphic holders made of lightweight aluminum and PVC profiles. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes to hold various substrates, from thin and light to thick and heavy ...

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